How to Delete Your Imvu Account ?

 How to Delete an Account in IMVU?

IMVU is an online virtual world and social networking site. IMVU is the best example of this a virtual environment for social gaming. 

Deleting Your IMVU Account

STEP 1: Click here to go to the Delete Account page.

STEP 2: On the Delete Account page, enter your account password. If you have forgotten your password, click here.

STEP 3: Click Continue to proceed.

STEP 4: Wait for the Success page to appear and a confirmation email will be sent to you. 

Deleting Your IMVU Account

How to Disable or Cancel your IMVU account?

If you are a regular player of this platform and you want to get rid of your account, in the article you will find below, we will teach you how to do it via a desktop browser and mobile devices.

From the Computer

The procedure for setting up your IMVU account is as follows:

First of all, you need to open the browser you are using and access the address provided below You can access via any browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome.

Once you have entered the page, go to the top right corner of the interface and get the option « user access «. This will take you to another section of the page where you will need to sign in. By entering the usual procedure to enter your email address or username and password, log in to your IMVU account.

After logging in you will have to find the option «Help». It’s right next to the “Search” box at the top of the screen.

This section displays a list of different options, where you should find “How to delete your account”. Here are two steps; you just need to follow step one, where the phrase “Click here to delete to the account page” appears. You will see that the word here is marked with a blue color, on which you have to press. The page will then redirect you to another removal section.

In this new section you will need to confirm your identity again to enter your password. Then press continue.

At this point, the platform will tell you through an on-screen message that your account has been successfully deleted. At the same time, you will receive an email at the email address you entered when signing up for IMVU. In this email you will find the message confirming that you were able to successfully delete your account.

From Mobile Device

 The removal of an IMVU account must be done directly from the official platform, so that you can not perform the procedure with the application for mobile devices. Next we will illustrate how to do this, but only using the browser of a smartphone:

Using the browser you are using on your smartphone, enter the following link: / welcome / login /. Enter the credentials intended for this in the registration section.

You will reconfirm your account by re-entering your password in the account password box. Then press the button

At this point, the IMVU account has been removed. In your mailbox you will automatically receive a confirmation message for deleting your account.

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