What is SSL Certificate? How Does it Work?

What is SSL Certificate? How Does it Work?

 SSL’s full name is SECQURE SOCKET LAYER. It is a security process that is used to protect websites and online applications. SSL  encrypts the various information provided in our website or application and sends it to the server. As a result, the various information we provide is specially protected online. 

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate  is a Digital Certificate that creates an encrypted Secure Connection between Web Browser and Web Server to help keep you and your Customer’s information safe and secure.

How SSL Works ?

If you enter a website that has HTTPS written in it and input your personal information there, they are encrypted and stored on the server so you can securely provide your personal information to those websites. Because in this case that website or application provides complete confidence.

When we make online payments, we must make sure that our various information is secure and not accepted by any person or organization. This is why when we enter a web site and do various online transactions, all that information is handled by this SSL certificate.

This SSL Certificate is usually installed on the web page. It keeps the sensitive information of the user such as Login Name, Password, Pin Code, Payments Details (debit and credit card number) secure.

Generally, those websites have ‍SSL Certificate which will have https: // at the beginning of the Site Address or URL. And all the sites that you will see http: // at the beginning of the URL SSL Certificate is not given. It is not safe to buy or sell on such sites.

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Advantages of SSL CERTIFICATE 

SSL certificate has many advantages – 

Using SSL certificate locks or encrypts all aspects of the website so that all information is protected. If a website is protected by SSL certificate then its ranking factor plays an important role in any search engine. The easiest way to access any website from outside is if the website does not have SSL certificate. Thus SSL certificates increase the security level of a website or application.

When a website or e-commerce site mentions the SSL certificate, the buyer will feel most comfortable buying the product online from that site. Because buyers will know that buying products from this site is more secure for them financially. The buyer has to use the card number, secure code of the online payment card used by the buyer while purchasing the product online on the shopping website. If there is an SSL certificate mark on the online site then the buyer feels safe to use his card. In this way, his card information is stored privately or privately on that site. The buyer feels comfortable to buy the product.

Why use SSL Certificate?

As you can see, when you create a new website, your website  does not have “HTTPS”  or even if it does, it shows a red alert next to the site address. This is because  SSL  is not installed on your site. If you  buy SSL certificate  from your hosting provider or set up your site yourself, a green icon will appear next to your site’s address bar!

There are many reasons to use SSL certificate. If you want to start a big online shopping company. If you keep what your company needs but your website does not have SSL, then all your troubles are in vain. If you do not set up SSL later. In the end, it turns out that no customer trusts your company. This is because SSL is a certificate that protects all confidential information of visitors. Can use different payment cards with confidence. Without SSL, anyone can easily grab their important information. Therefore, customers do not trust any site or company without SSL. In short, SSL makes your website trustworthy to visitors.

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