How to Delete Chatango Account Permanently ?

 How to Delete a Chatango Account

Chatango is a modern dating messenger. This app lets you find matches and talk with new people whose interests are similar to yours. Add free chat to chat with people around the world. Chatango is a live group on your mobile device. 

With the help of in-app feedback, you can talk about bug reports anytime, as well as share your feature suggestions. The desktop version of the site has a 24/7 News section. 

To delete a Chatango account, simply log in to Chatango with the account you want to delete and then make the request directly from the interface.

How to Delete a Chatango Account

You don’t want to keep using Chatango, and want to delete it. Then follow the steps:

log in to your account.

Click the Help link in the upper right corner.

Under the ‘Your Account’ tab, click the ‘Delete Account’ link.

Follow the procedure.

Your account has been deleted!

How to Delete Chatango Account

Chatango is an Online Social Media and Dating website which allows its user to communicate with each other with the same or similar interest.  For more information on How to Delete Chatango Account read this article post. Currently there is only one way to delete your account from Chatango website which is given below. 


Go to the following url “” and click on HELP which is given at top right.

On the Help page, click the Chatango Users tab.

In the Your Account section, click the DELETE ACCOUNT link.

Now login to your account after you login to your account in Delete Account section a yellow button will appear click on this button.

On the next page, enter your password and click the yellow DELETE USERNAME button to permanently delete your account.

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