How to Delete Opera History? How to Clear Opera History?

How to Clear Browsing History in Opera Browser?

 You can easily clear the history of the Opera browser in the settings. Whether you’re lending your laptop to a family member or just want to free up some memory, there are many reasons to clear your browsing history in opera. Like all web browsers, Opera makes it easy to clear the list of websites you’ve visited. And the process is done in no time on both your PC and your smartphone.


Follow our step-by-step guide. These instructions refer to the browser with standard settings. In this case you can clear the history via ” Settings ” -> ” Privacy and security ” -> ” Clear browsing data “.

1st step: Open Opera and click the clock icon on the left to open History.

2nd step: Here you can now delete individual pages by clicking on the X behind them . For the full history, click Clear Browsing Data above .

3rd step: Now select a desired period from ” Last hour ” to ” Entire period “. Then choose which browser data to clear. In addition to the history , you can also choose to delete the cookies and the cache . Then click the ” Clear Data ” button to clear history and other data.

How to Delete Opera History?

Smartphone App

Follow our step-by-step guide to delete opera browsing history

1st step: Open Opera on your smartphone and tap the red O in the bottom right to open the browser menu.

2nd step: Then tap ” Settings “.

3rd step: Now scroll down to the end of the page and then open ” Clear browsing data… “.

4th step: Select the data you want to delete, but be sure to check ” Browsing history “. Then tap ” Clear Data ” on the bottom right to clear history.

Quick Start Guide: Desktop

In Opera, click the clock icon on the left to open History.

Then click on the ” Clear browser data ” button at the top.

Then select a desired time period and clear the history with ” Clear data “.

Quick guide: app

In the Opera app on your smartphone, open the menu via the red O at the bottom right and select ” Settings “.

Now scroll all the way down and tap on ” Clear browsing data… “.

Then select the data you want to delete and delete them with ” Delete data “.

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