How to Delete Files on Mac?

 Want more space on your MacBook? Although some people have saved large files to cloud storage instead of their hard drive, it is still quite common to be warned that the startup drive is full. In this tutorial how you can permanently delete files and folders in macOS so that they don’t appear in the trash.

In any operating system, desktop or mobile, working with files also means being able to delete them. Today we want to tell you about deleting certain files in the macOS operating system.

How to Delete Files on Mac?

In fact, there are many duplicate files that take up your Mac storage space without notice. If you don’t find and remove these unnecessary duplicate files, your Mac will run slower and slower. Fortunately, this article offers easy solutions to delete files on your Mac when the disk is effectively full. As a result, you can delete files on your Mac desktop and hard drive with the following paragraphs.

There are many ways to delete files on Mac to free up space:

Find your unwanted file or folder. Open “Finder” and search for a specific folder. 

Delete multiple files on Mac. Highlight the target file or folder. Select “Move to Trash” to delete a file on your Mac.

In addition, you can also delete files on Mac using keyboard keys. Simply find the file or folder you want to delete, then press the “Command” and “Delete” keys on your keyboard at the same time. As a result, you can successfully delete selected files on Mac.

How to Delete Files on Mac?

How to Delete Folders on Mac?

Once you know where your files are stored on your MacBook, you can now delete them.

It starts by finding the folder you want to delete using Ctrl + F. 

You’ll have to go about finding the item you want to delete manually. 

Once you’ve found the folder you want to delete, you can simply drag the folder to the trash. 

To ensure that the folders cease to exist completely necessary to remove these folders from the trash can also.

All you have to do is press command + shift + delete and you can get rid of files forever.

How to Delete a File on Mac?

How to delete files on Mac that won’t be deleted? Is there any way to permanently find and remove duplicate and hidden files from Mac? You can see various similar questions about Mac cleaning online.

First, you need to find and mark the files on your Mac that you want to permanently delete.

Once you have done so and have the data marked, click the File button in the top bar.

A drop-down menu will then appear. Now you need to hold the Option key on your keyboard.

Then all you have to do is hold down the Option key and select the option called Delete immediately from the menu.

If you would like to use keyboard shortcuts for deletion, of course you can.

Just highlight the data again and then press Option + Command + Backspace .


We looked at the methods of deleting files in MacOS. In short, we note that the procedure is almost identical to the procedure for Windows and differs only in the relevant menus and a set of keyboard shortcuts. Remember that you need to move the files to the trash, empty the trash, and clear the history in the web browser if you want all traces of downloaded content to be removed.

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