How to Delete Favorites on Mac?

 Bookmarks and Favorites are two important features of Safari on iPhone, very useful for organizing and saving web page links. Similar to deleting bookmarks, deleting favorites is just as easy. You can remove favorites from deleting bookmarks using a similar procedure. In case we have a Mac computer, usually most of us will use the Safari browser because it adapts best to the operating system.

How to Delete Favorites on Mac?

Safari and other web browsers create favorites or bookmarks to help users navigate the web. The good news is that you can delete favorites on Mac to keep your list accurate. This guide will show you how to do this in different situations.

Open Safari and click on the “Show Sidebar” button in the upper left corner.

Then click on “Favorites” to list the current favorites in Safari.

The first method to delete a favorite is by right-clicking on it (Ctrl key + click) and selecting “Delete”.

This will delete that bookmark from Safari.

Another mechanism that Safari offers us is to go to the Edit menu and there choose “Edit bookmarks”.

This will open Safari’s bookmark editor.

In the bookmarks window, we have two ways to delete a bookmark in the browser, the first is to select it and go to the “Edit – Delete” menu.

As a second option is to select the favorite and right-click on it to select the “Delete” option.

With these methods, it will be very easy to delete a bookmark in Safari on macOS. This way, you will save only those pages that really interest you.

How to Delete Favorites on Mac?

How to Delete Bookmarks and Favorites on Mac?

When you are on a page of your favorites, you can remove the bookmarks by tapping the top right of your screen. In this article you can read how to delete all Safari bookmarks and what alternatives there are. If you no longer want to see a bookmark in Safari, you can delete it.

Running Safari on a Mac. Click the Bookmarks button in the top menu and select the Edit Bookmarks option from the drop-down list.

Go to the bookmarks folder> Expand the folder name list> Right-click (with the Ctrl key pressed) on the bookmark and click ” Delete ” to remove the bookmark from the list.

Go to the bookmarks folder> Right-click (Control-click) on the folder name> Click ” Delete ” to get rid of the entire bookmarks folder from Safari on Mac.

You can delete bookmarks from the Favorites folder, but you can’t delete the Favorites folder from Safari because it is pre-installed by the manufacturer.

How to Remove Favorites on Mac by resetting Safari?

Another way to delete Favorites on Mac is to reset your Safari browser. It deletes all browsing and search history along with all websites saved in Favorites. You’d better make a backup for your Safari before deleting favorites to avoid data loss.

Launch your Safari from the Dock bar.

Go to your Safari menu and choose the Clear History item.

Pull down the list in the pop-up window and select the All History option. Click the Clear History button to confirm it.

Then go back to the Safari menu and choose Preferences.

Switch to the Advanced tab of the top ribbon and check the box next to Show Develop menu in menu bar.

Then go to the Develop menu in the top menu bar and choose Empty Caches.

Now open a new tab and you will see that the favorites bar is empty.

This can also free up space so you will see your Safari working quickly after deleting favorites.


If you accidentally bookmark something you don’t really need, you can easily delete the bookmarked page. You can create and manage your bookmarks in several ways before learning how to delete bookmarks on Mac.

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