Role of Technology in Today’s Modern Lives

Role of Technology in Today’s Modern Lives

Since time immemorial,
man has been trying to control nature and to get all facilities and comfort as
much as possible by using various types of resources available on Earth. It is
after the Industrial Revolution that things have speeded up and manufacturers
in huge numbers have been trying to create different types of products to cater
to the growing individual preferences, needs and budget. 
The fact is,
technology is evolving at a fast pace and what was used few months before is
slowly becoming outdated and obsolete with time.  Technology does play an
important role to help human beings to deal with their day to day situations
and to provide them with greater comfort. Moreover, it has given the power
required to sustain the rapidly increasing needs to help survive.
The role of Technology in Today's World

instances showing role of technology in everyday lives
Transportation: Technology has made it
possible for people from all walks of life to move from one place to the other
and to any corner of the Earth, without any hassle. The plans for the citizens
to visit Mars are also being developed currently by NASA. Bullet trains are
being introduced to reduce distance covered in short time. Planes, rockets,
satellites, the list is simply endless.
Work: The modern work place is
completely revolutionized by adopting the latest technology. Computer,
smartphones, landlines, high speed internet combined with other equipments has
become common sights in offices. Other fields like construction work make use of
heavy equipments and bulldozers to develop those tall skyscrapers. Different
types of robots are also being designed to help with military and rescue
mission and secure human lives. 
Medical: One of the most important areas
that have benefitted immensely due to advancement of technology is medical
science. It has become possible for physicians to use the latest gadgets and
devices accessible to them to diagnose and treat patients to help them
eliminate diseases suffered by them. The truth is technology and advanced
medical science has helped save and increase human lives significantly. 
Communication: Nowadays, one can come
across various ways to be in contact with everyone concerned. Ranging from the
landline phones to smartphones, tablets, VOIP, satellite phones, etc. technology
has made it possible for people to be in touch with their beloved ones at any
given day and time. Even the dear are able to hear using sophisticated
For home use: The modern household
appliances are made available in plenty and are regarded as marvels of
technology. No more manual labor and wastage of precious time is required,
since the machines will take care of all the work. Modern technology has been
offering greater comfort and luxury to people, something that was not available
few centuries ago.
Entertainment: People now have easy
access to various types of entertainment mediums like televisions, music
systems, computer, PlayStation, etc. The modern smartphones and tablets offer
them the opportunity to Google out various types of information at the click of
the button or to play their favorite game or to chat or talk at length with anyone
In short, technology is
a blessing improving human lives.

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