How to Delete Pictures from your Instagram Account?

 Using the Instagram social service, users take photos of a wide variety of topics that may be of interest to other users. If the photo was uploaded incorrectly or its presence in the profile is no longer required, it is necessary to delete it. That’s right and now you would like to know how to delete all photos on Instagram without wasting too much time?

How to Delete Pictures from your Instagram Account?

For various reasons a user may want to delete a photo from Instagram, in this post the focus is on the posts that appear on the wall and not on the photos in the stories. It will show step by step how to delete photos from Instagram one by one and will explain if multiple items can be deleted at once. It’s a great way to share a collection of images in a single post, but what if you decide to delete one of the photos from the gallery?

Open Instagram and tap the little profile icon in the bottom right corner.

Scroll down in the feed to the image post you want to delete.

Select the menu icon with three dots on the top right.

Select Delete.

How to Delete a Photo on Instagram Online?

Sometimes you may regret posting photos on Instagram. You need to know how to delete photos on Instagram . You can learn how to delete pictures from Instagram under different circumstances if you get the feasible methods as given below. So, you’ve uploaded a photo to Instagram, but now you’ve decided you might not want that photo there. You can delete any photo right from the Instagram app for iPhone or Android.

Open the Instagram app and Login to your Account, if already login, then select the photo you want to delete.

After opening the image, click on the menu button in the upper right corner. In the list that appears, click the “Delete” button.

Confirm the removal of the photo. Once you do this, the photo will be permanently deleted from your profile.

How to Delete Pictures from your Instagram Account?

How to Delete Multiple Photos on Instagram?

To delete multiple photos on Instagram, you’ll need to open the app and go to your account. Tap the three lines in the upper-left corner, then select Photos & Videos. All your photos and videos will be displayed in a grid. Tap the ones you want to delete, then tap the trash can icon in the lower right corner. A warning will appear asking if you are sure you want to delete them.

Delete from File

We may have archived some photos on Instagram and you want to permanently delete them from our account. This procedure can also be done directly from the archive without having to unarchive first and follow the steps above. If we have photos in the archive that we want to get rid of, we can easily do so. The process is as follows:

Open Instagram.

Click on the profile picture to open it.

Click on the three horizontal bars at the top of the screen.

Go to File.

Find the post or message you want to permanently delete.

Go to this post.

Now click on the three dots that appear in the upper right corner.

Then you need to select Delete.

Remember that if you need to delete more than one post, you will need to repeat the steps with each one.


How to delete a photo on Instagram is a question that arises for users of photo sets for various reasons. Things about deleting photos from Instagram seem to be as simple as you thought. Before deleting photos from Instagram, you should notice some important things. Due to the current feature of Instagram, you cannot recover deleted photos on Instagram.

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