How to Delete Messages in GroupMe? Delete Groupme Account

 How to Delete GroupMe Account? 


On the top left of the screen, click on your profile picture.

Now, Click on Delete GroupMe Account.

Then Click on Continue.

You will have to type your password now.

Click on Continue.

You can’t delete GroupMe messages, but you can hide it.

First select a Chat.

Then look for the message and touch on it or right click.

Select the option Hide Message.

To Unhide GroupMe Message

Look for the personal avatar.

Select Settings.

Select Unhide hidden messages.

Hide GroupMe chat

Select and hold the chat

Select the Hide Icon.


Unhide GroupMe Chat

If a Chat disappears maybe it is hidden. You should unhide it:

Go to Main Menu

Tap Archive

You will see all your chats

Select specific chat and then click on Unhide.

Clear GroupMe Chat history

Select a Chat you want to remove.

Select the Avatar and then Settings.

Select option Clear Chat history.

Delete Messages or Account in GroupMe

Why can’t you delete messages on GroupMe?

You can’t delete your GroupMe messages, so think twice before hitting the send button. You may be able to clear your chat history or hide messages, but that’s not the same thing. The only way to completely delete a chat is to end a group (but only the one you created), but that also deletes the entire chat.

Does leaving a GroupMe delete your messages?

Can I leave the group and delete the messages? Nope. It is always available even if you press all phones and delete messages. GroupMe always keeps a log for everyone to see.

Can you remove someone from GroupMe?

Remove a member from a group in GroupMe In the group you want to remove, tap the chat avatar (chat picture), then tap Members. Tap the person you want to remove, then tap Remove from group.

How do I recover old messages from GroupMe?

Can you recover deleted GroupMe messages? Open any mailbox, then click the Closed folder in the left sidebar. Scroll to the bottom of the Closed folder, then click the Recently Deleted link. Clicking on a conversation will show a preview of the deleted message.

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