How to Delete Maxthon Browser History?

Clear Search History in Maxthon Browser

Maxthon is that the high performance browsers. Maxthon, as is that the case with most browsers, gathers and records a big quantity of knowledge as you surf the online. thanks to the potential nature of those knowledge parts, you will have the need to get rid of them from your Winchester drive. Maxthon’s Last Session knowledge contains all browser tabs that you just failed to shut the last time you exited the applying. you may usually ought to reset Cookies and Cache on Maxthon application. Maxthon application offers a straightforward access to delete the Cache and Cookies.

Clear & Delete History in Maxthon Browser

Using Keyboard Shortcut

1) Press Ctrl + Shift+ Delete

2) Select any opyion by a check box
Clear browsing history
Clear address bar History
Clear last session
Clear download history
 and then click on the Clear now button.

Other Method

open Maxthon Browser
click on menu button (three horizontal lines) at upper right hand corner
then select the tab Clear browsing data.
Select the option you want clear in your Maxthon Browser and then click on Clear Browsing Data.

How to View Maxthon Browser History

Click menu buttton and select “View History” to open history manager. You can delete all or part of your history at any point. Click menu buttton, select “Clear Browsing Traces”, and select what you want to erase from the dialogue box.

Clear Cookies & Cache on Maxthon Browser

Open Maxthon web browser
click on Browser’s Menu icon with three broken lines at upper right corner
on the dropdown menu, select Clear browsing data
tick mark Empty Cache box to delete the cache data
tick mark the Empty cookies (NOT RECOMMENDED) box to delete cookies

You will be able to clear: browser history, address bar history, last session, download history also.

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