How to Delete Instagram Search History?

 Instagram is very popular among the youth, where people like to share photos and videos. We keep searching something on Instagram, due to which the search section gets filled up. In such a situation, if you also want to delete search history from Instagram, then read this article. You can delete Instagram Search History very easily, but some users do not know about how to delete history in Instagram, due to which they are not able to delete Search History.

How to Delete Instagram History?

This article explains how to delete search history on Instagram in the latest version of the Instagram app for Android and iOS as well as on desktop and mobile browsers. Whenever you search something on Instagram, then the search history gets saved on Instagram, so you want to delete the search history of your Instagram. Often we keep searching a lot in Instagram, so it can show a lot about you. It is always better to turn off your search history after using the platform.

How to Delete Search History on Instagram App?

Instagram keeps a record of your search history. This is a quick way to find accounts or hashtags you’ve searched for in the past. Past searches also affect which accounts Instagram suggests for you to follow. In a way, it gathers data about which section you are interested in. If you want to delete your search history, you can try these methods.

Instagram search history can be deleted using the Instagram App:

Launch and log in to the Instagram App.

Tap the Profile Icon.

Tap the Hamburger menu (three horizontal lines).

Tap Settings > Security.

Tap Clear Search History (iPhone) or Clear Search History (Android). .

Tap on Clear All.

Tap Clear All again to confirm.

How to Delete Instagram Search History?

How do I Delete My Search History on Instagram Browser?

You can also delete your Instagram search history from a web browser. The process is the same whether you are using a desktop or mobile browser.

Go to on your computer or mobile browser .

Click or tap the Profile icon , and then click or tap the Settings gear. 

Click on the Settings gear to the right of your username.

Click on Privacy and Security.

Scroll down and click on View Account Data.

Click on View all below your search history.

Click on Clear Search History.

Click Yes, I’m sure to confirm.

In Short: How Do You Delete Your Instagram History?

How to delete Instagram search history from mobile

First of all open Instagram account. 

Next, click on the Profile option at the bottom-right corner.

Now, click on the three lines icon on the right hand top.

Now click on the Settings menu from the list.

Click on Safety and Security and you can see a list of options

Now click on Clear Search History from this list and here you go after which you can do it successfully.

How to delete Instagram search history from system

First open the browser and open

Click on the Profile option and then click on Settings at the top-right corner.

Click on the Privacy & Security option followed by View Account Data.

In the list, you can see the search history, click on View all option.

Now, click on Clear Search History. You will be asked for confirmation. Click Yes.

Conclusion: You must have come to know how to delete Instagram search history. History of your Instagram Account will be deleted, like whatever you searched on Instagram, everything will be deleted. If you have any question then do comment and follow us for more such information. Share with others on social media platforms. Thanks!

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