How to Delete Everything You See on Your Mobile Device

 How to Delete Everything You See on Your Mobile Device

The number of users who are concerned about their privacy is increasing year by year, as are the methods used by large companies to collect all kinds of information.

With a little care, we can reduce the amount of personal information that we provide or that we keep open to others in exchange for using the free personal platform. Delete everything seen on mobile is a habit of our browsers which should be common.

Browsing history is very useful if we know how to take advantage of it. Thanks for browsing history, we can check out the webpage we received last week and we weren’t careful about bookmarking.

However, it leaves a mark that we should consider eliminating in some cases, always based on our immediate environment, since we never know who can access our smartphone .

In this case, we need to add if we are using a device that is not ours to navigate and we are not careful to use camouflage mode without leaving an impression.

If this is the case for you, then we will show you how to delete everything seen on mobile .

That way, the owner, once you return the device, will not know which web page you visited . Depending on the browser you use, this process may vary slightly.

How to Delete Browser Search History

Delete Everything You See on Mobile With Chrome Browser

Once we open the browser, click on the three vertical points located in the upper right corner of the application.

Next, click Documents .

To delete what you see today through Chrome, all we have to do is click X. It is available on the right side of the web page.

If we want to delete all browsing data, we will click on the text Clear Browsing Data located at the top of the screen.

Delete Everything You See on Your Mobile with Mozilla Firefox Browser

We open the application and click on the vertical three points located in the lower right corner.

In the drop-down menu that appears, click Documents .

Browsing history is shown below.

To delete the web pages we have visited, click on the three vertical points to the right of the web address.

Finally, click the Remove drop-down menu that appears .

Delete Everything You See on Mobile With Microsoft Edge

To access the browsing history in Microsoft Edge, click on the three horizontal points that appear in the lower center of the application.

Next, in the drop-down menu that appears, click Documents .

Once history appears, we press for a long time about the web page that we want to delete from history.

In the drop-down menu, click the Remove option .

Delete Everything You See in Your Google Account

If we use the Google application to search the Internet, this information is stored in Google’s history. If the device is not ours, we will not be able to delete this data because we need the password for our account.

If the terminal is ours and we don’t want Google (not the application) to use that information to start showing our ads on the subject, we can eliminate them by following the steps below.

Once we’re in the Google Apps, click on our account at the top right of the app and click Search History .Next, click Activity on the Web and Applications.

Finally, click Deactivate Account . We are sure that we are the legitimate owner of the account, the application will not ask for the account password.

Click to disable, from now on, our Google Account will not save the search history that we do in Google Apps or any other browser where we have previously logged in to our account.

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That search information is stored in the search history of the account, not in the application history. As such, Google uses the information to show us personalized ads.

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