How to Delete Cookies on Mac?

 You’re bound to come across a site that misbehaves at some point, whether it’s a page that doesn’t fully load or a login problem. Sometimes you can fix such problems by deleting Cookies, which are small pieces of data that websites store for everything from ads to logins.

How to Delete Cookies on Mac?

Whether for computer, privacy, or other reasons, clearing cookies is a fairly simple task in any popular browser.

You can mostly delete cookies from the Privacy or History area , which is accessible from the Settings or Options menu. In most browsers, the same menu can be accessed using the Ctrl + Shift + Del key combination or Command + Shift + Del if you’re on a Mac.

The easiest way to get to a similar window in Firefox is with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + Del (Windows) or Command + Shift + Del (Mac). Another way is through the three-dimensional menu in the upper right corner of the browser – select Options> Privacy and security> Clear data … to open the Clear data section .

How to Clear Cookies in the Safari Browser?

If you’re using MacOS High Sierra or later, it’s relatively easy to delete cookies, whether they’re files specific to problematic sites or anything your browser has collected. Here’s how to clear cookies in Safari on Mac.

Click Safari’s Menu Option (near the Apple icon in the upper-left corner) and select Preferences.

Select Privacy or Privacy tab .

Click the Manage Website Data or Manage Website Data button . You’ll see a list of all the cookies that Safari has collected.

If you want to delete cookies for a specific website, start typing its address in the search field. Click on the site and press the Remove button .

You can also delete all cookies in Safari by clicking Delete All or Remove All When the search field is empty.

Completed when you’re done.

How to Delete Cookies on Mac?


Click on “Preferences”. When the dialog box appears.

In the “Preferred cookies” preferences, click “Show cookies”. 

Click “Delete All” to delete all cookies from the list.

Click Done at the bottom of the box.

How to clear Safari cookies on Mac?

For all those who just arrived in the Mac world and want to know how to delete Safari cookies on Mac  no need to install other programs on the machine , here we leave the easiest and fastest way to do it.

1. Open the Safari web browser.

2. after opening, click on the Safari menu from the top.

3. From the displayed list, click Preferences .

4. go to privacy option.

5. Click the Remove All Site Data button .

6. In the displayed confirmation box, click Remove now to delete the cookies from the browser.

Delete cookies:

Not all cookies are harmful, so deleting only third-party cookies should be sufficient when it comes to keeping your personal information from being exposed to unknown individuals or groups. However, sometimes you may want to delete all cookies from your computer if you experience browsing performance issues. This may be due to outdated information stored in cookies, which may prevent you from accessing some sites at the expected speeds, or keep you from accessing sites at all.

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