How to Delete an Album on iPhone?

 How to Delete an Album on iPhone?

If you place photos in an album you have to be careful when deleting them, the contents of albums are only ‘shortcuts’ to the original photo in your photo library. It does not mean that you can delete the photos in your library because they are in an album.

Delete and rename albums via iPhone or iPad:

Open Photos

Navigate to the ‘Albums’ tab

Next to My Albums, tap Show All

Select the ‘Change’ option

Have you installed iOS 11 or earlier? Then open the ‘Albums’ tab, tap ‘Edit’ directly at the top.

Tap the red dot to delete the album or the album name to change it. Apple’s default albums can’t be deleted, but luckily since iOS 12 they’ve been less prominently displayed and moved to the bottom of the list.

How to Delete a Photo Album on iPhone?

The iPhone is the most popular camera in the world. But the hardware must also share the reason for that popularity with the software. As part of iOS, there has always been the Photos app. But what happens if you want to delete an entire photo album? How do you do it? Also keep in mind that there are some albums that you cannot delete. These are the default albums like Recent, Selfies, Screenshots , etc.

The good news is deleting a photo album on iPhone is very easy. We’ll walk you through it now:

Tap the Photos app to open it.

Tap the Albums tab at the bottom of the screen.

Tap the “View All” button. This will take you to the “My albums” screen. In this screen you can see all the photo albums you have created.

Tap the “Edit” button. You will see a red dot with a minus sign in the top left corner of each photo album that you can delete. 

Scroll through the list of your photo albums and when you want to delete, tap the red dot with the menu sign in it.

A message appears saying “Delete [album name]”. It goes on to say, “Are you sure you want to delete the [album name] album? The photos will not be deleted.” If you want to proceed with deleting this album, tap the red “Delete album” button.

And that’s it! You have now deleted a photo album on iPhone.

You can continue deleting other albums by following the steps above or you can tap the “Done” button to exit album deletion mode.

How to Delete an Album on iPhone?

How to Delete Album on iPhone?

Apple Photos has some great features, from multi-term searches to hiding photos in a completely separate album. It’s also super easy to create an album so you can categorize your photos in an organized way. We’ve got a whole section on tips and tricks for getting the most out of Apple Photos , but here’s how to delete albums on iPhone.

Delete an album in Apple Photos:

Open Apple Photos

Tap the Albums tab at the bottom

Tap “See All” which is at the top right of all your albums

Tap “Edit” in the top right corner

Tap the red circle in the left corner of the albums you want to delete

Confirm ‘Delete Album’

That’s it, all done

How do I Delete an Album on iPhone?

Deleting photos from iPhone or iPad can be easy, but it’s not the same with photo albums. To delete albums quickly and easily, you can refer to some simple tips collected in this guide. However, deleting files, especially photos and albums, is tedious. Depending on your photo album type, you can delete photo albums on your iPhone.

Note : This method will only delete the album, but will not affect photos in the album, which means you can still find these photos in the Recent album.

Step 1 . Open the Photos app and click on the “Albums” tab.

Step 2 . Then you will see all your albums. Tap “See All” in the top right corner to access your albums.

Step 3 . Tap “Edit” in the top right corner and then you will see a red “-” appear in the top left corner of your album. Tap the red icon and click “Delete Album” to confirm your action.

Step 4 . Tap “Done” once you have deleted all unwanted albums.

How to Delete photos on iPhone?

To erase iPhone photos, you can use multiple ways. If you prefer to work selectively, so that you still keep certain shots on the device, then you have a little more work. Yet it is then possible to select dozens of photos at the same time, without opening each image. To do this you do the following:

Open the Photos app;

Go to ‘Library’ or choose an album of your choice;

Tap ‘Select’ at the top right;

Tap the photos you want to delete;

You can also swipe across rows of photos you want to delete.

Once selected, choose the trash can at the bottom right and confirm the deletion.

Handy tip: if you want to select a lot of photos at once, swipe your finger from the top left photo during the selection. Swipe right and then down. This way you can select entire rows at once and then delete them.

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