How to Clear Samsung Galaxy A7 History?

 How to Delete History of Samsung Galaxy A7

You may be tired of seeing your search history permanently, or you may want to free up memory space on your Samsung Galaxy A7. Here you can found some solutions to clear the device history. This tutorial will show you how to clear the history in various internet browsers and how to use a private browser.

Delete Internet Browser History on Samsung Galaxy A7

How to Delete History of Samsung Galaxy A7

Clear Mozilla Firefox History on Samsung Galaxy A7

Very easy Samsung Galaxy A7 Mozilla Firefox Clear your search history in your web browser. First, open Mozilla Firefox and wait for the web page to appear. Next, click “Menu” at the top right of the screen to display a list of items and move to “Settings”. Then go to the Confidentiality section of Samsung Galaxy A7 and it will open a page with various options. Finally, click “Clear Personal Data”. A new window will appear where you can simply select the item you want to delete.

Clear Google Chrome history on Samsung Galaxy A7

First, open a web page in your Google Chrome browser.

Click on the “Menu” featuring vertical points in the upper right corner of Samsung Galaxy A7.

A window opens with a list of available settings.

Go to the Details section and click Confidentiality. Finally, go to the bottom of the screen and press Clear Browsing History Data. When a small window appears with a list of items to delete, select the item and press Delete. It’s the end! Now everything has been successfully deleted.

Clear the history of other web browsers on Samsung Galaxy A7

Starting by launching the internet browser in question, go to the “menu” characterized by the vertical dots.

Then go to Settings and then to the Privacy section. You will be presented with a list of Internet items such as cookies, passwords and displayed pages, and you can decide whether to delete them.

Finally, click “Clear Personal Data”. This will delete all the searches you have made.

If you run into any problems, feel free to contact an expert who can help you clear your internet browser history.

Private Browsing on Samsung Galaxy A7

When I no longer need the search history in my internet browser, I found a solution to browse it personally. This system allows users to: Cookies or temporary files that browse the internet without leaving a search history on the Samsung Galaxy A7.

Simply launch the page from the Samsung Galaxy A7 web browser and click “Menu”. From the suggested options, “Private Navigation” will appear in front of you. But be careful! However, if you are using this mode on a website you visit or a professional device, your employer will not be able to see it.

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