How to Cancel YouTube TV Subscription?

 The world’s most popular video streaming platform has seen an even bigger boost in popularity with its YouTube TV subscription. In fact, you can even pause your subscription if you wish. Here’s how to cancel or pause your YouTube TV subscription.

How to Cancel YouTube TV?

To cancel YouTube TV, you’ll need to open the app or go to . The process is pretty much the same, except tapping instead of clicking.

Then tap your profile icon in the right corner.

Then you will tap Settings.

Tap “Subscription”, which should be the first option on the left side. And it should already be highlighted

You should then see “Pause or cancel subscription” below the YouTube TV listing.

Click on that. You can now see options to pause or cancel your subscription.

Once you click cancel, it will ask you to confirm if you want to cancel and just go through that process until it is canceled successfully.

And that’s it. It’s very simple to cancel, and that’s something YouTube TV still has on cable TV. The ability to easily cancel your TV service without having to call them and explain that you no longer want it.

How to Cancel a YouTube TV Subscription from an iPhone?

Some people prefer to watch their favorite YouTubers and streamers on their small screens these days (i.e. phones and tablets). Some even like to watch TV content from the palm of their hands, on the go, while waiting for appointments, etc. Others simply use smartphones and tablets to control streaming on a larger, smart TV. If your question is whether or not you can cancel/pause your YouTube TV subscription from your iPhone, the answer is yes.

Canceling YouTube TV subscription on iPhone

Start by navigating to using your favorite phone/tablet browser.

Then, once connected correctly, navigate to Settings, followed by Membership.

Then go to Pause or cancel membership and tap Cancel membership on the next screen. Confirm and that’s it.

Pausing YouTube TV subscription on iPhone

While it’s entirely possible to pause your subscription on YouTube TV, it can’t be done on an iOS device. If you have an iPhone or iPad and want to pause your YouTube TV subscription, you will be disappointed. But come on, going to your computer and pausing the subscription isn’t very complicated. And yes, macOS owners can pause their YouTube TV subscriptions using Apple computers.

how to cancel youtube tv

How to cancel a YouTube TV subscription from an Android device?

As an Android owner, you’re in luck when it comes to pausing your subscription. Whether you’re using a tablet or a smartphone, as long as it’s Android, you can cancel or pause your YouTube TV subscription.

Canceling YouTube TV subscription on Android

The entire process works pretty much the same way as the iOS examples explained earlier. You’ll be using your phone’s browser, so things won’t be any different. Just follow the method described above for iPhones and iPads.

Pausing YouTube TV subscription on Android

Yes, pausing your YouTube TV subscription works exactly the same as canceling it. Although the results are very different, to pause your membership, all you need to do is navigate to the Pause or Cancel Membership menu, click Pause Membership, and confirm it.

How to cancel a YouTube TV subscription from Windows PC or Mac?

To cancel/pause your subscription using your Mac or Windows computer, you need to follow the same guide. Well, the moment you open your browser, that’s it. Everything up to this point depends on the device’s operating system.

Canceling YouTube TV subscription on Windows PC or Mac

Well, nothing new here. Just like you did on your iOS/Android device, you need to use the browser and follow the exact steps outlined above. The only difference here will be clicking instead of tapping (if applicable).

Pausing YouTube TV subscription on Windows PC or Mac

To pause your YouTube TV subscription, simply refer to the guides above. Yes, again, this works pretty much the same for macOS devices as it does for those running Windows. In fact, as long as you are using a browser on your device, there is little to no difference. Well, except on iOS devices, where you won’t be able to pause your subscription.

How to Pause YouTube TV?

Pausing YouTube TV has a very similar process to canceling it. Start by opening the YouTube TV app.

Then tap your profile photo.

Then tap Settings.

From there, you’ll want to tap Subscription.

Then tap “Manage” next to the “Basic Plan” option. This will be at the top.

Now, you will see an option to pause your account. The default is eight weeks, but you can adjust the slider up to 24 weeks (or about six months). It will also show below when your account will be resumed. YouTube TV also mentions that your recordings will be kept, which is important.

Now, just tap Pause.

You will now receive a confirmation that your account has been paused (you will also receive an email with the details). And everything is ready.

It’s very easy to pause your YouTube TV account. You can also choose to resume it at any time. So if you paused it by mistake or for too long, you can resume it and get back to work. Keep in mind that if you share this membership with others, their accounts will also be paused.

What’s the difference between canceling and pausing YouTube TV?

Canceling means you’re not planning on returning anytime soon. Taking a break means you plan to return in a month or two, or even longer.

If you want to ditch YouTube TV for a few months, pausing is the right way to go. This is because it will keep all your programs in your library. Canceling will get rid of everything.

YouTube TV has continued to improve its service and is looking to add some more flexible packages. Therefore, we may not see any more price increases on the base plan. But we may lose some channels from this basic plan. With them moving to add-ons. This is simply because the costs of carrying these channels are getting very high.


Q. Can I cancel YouTube TV at any time?

Ans. Yes, you can cancel your YouTube TV subscription at any time, including the trial period. You can also pause your YouTube TV subscription at any time.

Q. Is it possible to pause my YouTube TV subscriptions?

Ans. Yes, pausing your YouTube TV subscription is completely doable. You can also resume your selected subscription at any time during the pause period.

Q. Can I cancel my subscription using the mobile app?

Ans. Actually, yes, you can. But only using the Android YouTube TV app.

Q. After canceling YouTube TV, does the service stop immediately?

Ans. If you are within a billing period, YouTube TV cancellation will not occur immediately. After the current billing period expires, your YouTube TV subscription will be cancelled.


Think carefully about whether you want to cancel or pause your YouTube TV subscription. A cancellation may lead to the loss of preferences and recordings, while the pause process will simply pause your subscription for a maximum of six months. Use your browser or Android app to pause or cancel your YouTube TV subscription.

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